Our Center

Road to Learning has 14 one-on-one tutoring rooms.  Each room is sized perfectly to attain maximum focus and retention from each student.  The rooms are layed out to channel student’s attention to the work at hand.

Students tutor for one hour at their own speed of learning.  Our tutors are experts at utilizing each students strengths.  They also take short breaks as the students need them.  This delicate balance works well to get the maximum out of each lesson.

Road to Reading Library is a very popular place for our students!  This library specializes in high interest – lower readability books.  Students get very excited about reading since they can find many books that they are able to read as their skills improve.  There are also books for parents that give information about dyslexia and ways to get help for struggling readers.

Students LOVE to shop in our “Treasure Trove.”  As they tutor, they earn points that they can spend on prizes.  There are even gift cards to Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Culvers, McDonalds and more.  Of course, they need to save up for those.  The “Treasure Trove” encourages students to do their best!

Road to Learning began as an answer to a need realized in the Quentin Road Christian School.  Struggling learners were making great improvements.  Student grades soared and these results were reflected in the national test scores. 

Word got out to the community and calls flooded in requesting help for other students.  Once the center was open to the public, the center grew very popular.  As the center grew, it moved to different areas of the Quentin Road campus and even experienced tutoring room additions.

Many students attend tutoring after their school day.  Buses transport from some of the Lake Zurich schools.  As a benefit to working parents, students may enroll in the Quentin Road After-School Program.  This program includes 40 acres of fun activities, sports, Jump-a-Saurus, Playland, Computer games, snacks and homework help.  Students may even sign up for swimming lessons, horseback riding lessons, keyboarding and more.  Road to Learning tutoring can be scheduled during their After-School schedule. 

Road to Learning is housed on the campus of Quentin Road Christian School.